Thursday, December 31, 2009

An old creation

At the helm of SecA, sits Nandakishore,
He is a man of few words and never says more!

There is one imported element, he is called Guha,
We all are damn sure, Guha jaisa geela koi nahi hua,

Topper Chacha can rewrite whole Anderson Sweeny,
And that is why may be, Bipin calls him tweeny,

Prasoon is the Bhokaal of our section, 100 percent,
His hahakari comics is, Bhokaal and Measurement,

Karan is better known by his famous sleepy eyes,
But with Mahima in the class, passonn never dies,

Mamta sulks always, wishes she could change her location,
Pomil is 'the' guy to teach targeting and segmentation,

Though Chintu is the one who looks chubby chubby,
Vishesh remains the blue eyed boy of Lovy Dovy,

Then there is Hardeep, who is unbelievable as a dream,
In his previous birth, he was son of pandav Bheem,

Heidi reminds of laughing Buddha and she is gossip queen,
Sonkar is so strong,on his shoulders, even Hardeep can lean,

Francis is the most energetic, catch him if you can,
Venky became a legend when he said, what is your point man,

In Sourav's hair, you can hide all the secrets,
Bolo Ji never bolos in class and he has no regrets,

When it comes to strength, there is no one like GC,
Aah, well, we also have two placus, bordia and PC,

Spreadsheet modeling godgiri, when Pathak estimates CG,
Hitting sixes like dada, for Parul, its so easy,

There is only one in batch, who moves with bodyguard,
Using 4 letter words before man, for KC, its not hard,

No one will ever forget, Poplis contribution to Vista!
Oldest student in batch, let us proudly present Masta,

All birds go to hiding, when Gowri starts singing,
But when Bipin opens his mouth, alarm-bell starts ringing,

Bangi daydreams, one day he would dance like Hrithik,
1 gm increase in Sarab's weight, makes her afraid of critic,

Ash in the section, is like Indian Railways stamp,
Stay away from Prabhu, he is cribbing champ,

When KK teaches elephant management, you can run but you cant hide,
Sid is for the section, neighbours envy, owners pride,

When it comes to humour, KS's touch is sublime,
A class without CP, for JITA its a crime,

Ohhhs and aahhs are common, when Harish moves his hand,
Nisha looks awestruck as if Alice in Wonderland,

What is in her mind, Amrita never lets you know
Rajat seems to know, but alas, DOKU DOESN'T KNOW!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


One more chapter of life is beginning to end,

I stand at this juncture and look back now,
time went by so fast, I wonder how,
I try to remember memories I collected,
of being happy, being sad, being ecstatic, being dejected

memories of finding new friends, new aims, new ways,
learning the meaning of friendship and how greatly it pays,
memories of those nightouts, those wines, those teas,
memories of those buildings, those stairs, those trees,

memories of everyone, who was close and who was dear,
memories of having a dream, an ambition and a fear,
memories of doing things which I never thought I will,
learning a new thing everyday, a new trick, a new skill,

memories of people, who brought smile on my face,
no matter how low I was, whatever was the case,
memories of seeing compassion, in those bright eyes,
those who wanted no less, whatever maybe price,

I want to keep all of them, even though they are many,
kept safe in my heart, I can't spare any,
I have no regrets, I don't want to amend,
as..... one more chapter of life is beginning to end,

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Let Go, I Thought!

Let go, I thought,

I pondered over events of the recent past,
and let go, I thought.

let go, because it hurts when you hold too long,
let go, because I knew, I have to, all along,
let go, because it's not always good for you to keep,
as tears become frequent and wounds become deep,

I wondered all that and now, next what,
and let go, I thought.

I sometime wonder, did I decide too late,
what were the hopes for which I could wait,
or I just wanted myself, not to think,
staring at nothingness, but didn't want to blink

now I remember, perfect, things were not,
and let go, I thought.

more I remember, more I tend to regret,
My heart becomes heavy and eyes become wet,
and more I try to console my self,
more I realize, it's of no more help,

a memory to be kept, that's what I have got,
and let go, I thought.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why India is India? - The Education System....Contd from previous...

Also, if we look at the kind of education we provide and pat our back on, we find that there is so many holes. Literacy rate in India is based on, if a person can sign his/her name or not.

I remember about studying and banging my head against wall to remember, how many kinds of trees/forests are there in India, how do you write "main kal mohan ke sath khel raha tha" in Sanskrit, what Bihari meant when he said, "Nahin paraga nahin madhur madhu nahin vikasa yahi kal ali kali hi saun bandhyau again kaun haval" etc. How many of us even remember these things today? Knowing these things is good, everyone should know their country, culture, tradidtions but getting evaluated on that may not turn out to be fair. This brings the question of usefullness of our education. What we study and spend most of our years on is not useful beyond a certain point, that is doing simple maths, percentages, simple science etc. Unless ofcourse you want to have a career in one specific field but then frankly, how many of us want to become a Hindi teacher?

Even when we come to institues like IITs and other engineering colleges, how many students actually end up doing work in fields they studied in?

I am not trying to keep on blaming as to what is being done wrongly. What I am trying to focus on, there is need for a change, a fundamental change in our system (not changing curiculum just to suit one political party's agenda) as to what is the long term aim of our education system. If we keep on patting outselves on the back for window-dresseing of literacy figures or comprehensiveness of our education without evaluating its usefullness or without complementing the education with opportunities to work, I dont think we are going anywhere in atleast one field.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why India is India? - The Education System

When we started our journey in a new direction in 1947, a direction which we could choose, I don't believe we chose the right one. Though I am not an expert in these matters, I think, from the very first day we started with pretext in mind that India is an agricultural country. Nothing wrong in it, absolutely, but what it did, it narrowed our vision for the future.

So, when you start with such a myopic view, it shifts attention from other aspects of development and it included education. India did its own bit in promoting education, established IITs, IIMs, IISc but where it didn't focus was primary education. That is one aspect of it, and even after 60 years of independence we are no where close to saying that everyone gets primary education in India. Is it so tough a philosophy to propogate.

Why I think primary education is important because it is the first stone of any developing country. If a large number of population is not educated to a basic level, how are you going to promote any thing related to technology even if you have narrowed focus. That kind of supports the fact that India took more than 20 years to start Green Revolution and even though it was a great move, there wasn't a lot of acceptability and a lot of time was required to make people understand why it is better than what they were doing earlier.

(not complete, to be contd...)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why India is India? - The Prologue

I was thinking of writing something about this topic for a long time, almost a month now. But knowing myself, even this is too fast. What forced me to write this, is each and every moment of my life when I thought, Why do we do things like this in India? Why India is like this? What might be the reasons? Is anyone giving it any thought? Thus I decided to pen down my thoughts on the topic. The things I would be covering would be Indian Education System, Infrastructure, Culture and whatever comes into my mind as I go along.

This prologue is mainly to state that thoughts expressed in coming posts would be completely my opinions. Also, the post should not be used for any reprint without permission. Since I have visited only one place outside India, many comparisons would be made according to my limited perspective.

I don't know when the real posts will start, but at least I am off to doing something which I think is meaningful to me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sitting idle here in my hostel room, I was wondering how good it is to be a student again.... just rewinding my days here in the campus and images amaze me, what I have been doing, what I have been facing, what I have been witnessing..... amazing...

seeing faces of young people every morning, brimming with hope of a bright career, dull with anticipation of another boring lecture... putting endless hours for doing assignments, study and still able to squeeze out every single second to enjoy and do any thing else than the academics... to explore, to feel.... the life... amazing...

If I start recounting my experience here, I think I can write a book, but then people have already done that so there is nothing new in that.... batches after batches go through the same process every year... Sometimes the college appears to me like a furnace.... when cold metal goes in, it has to go through immense heat.... immense torture... this can be seen as the rigor we have to go through... but then when the metal comes out, its more shiny, more beautiful and more strong.... amazing...

Today only, due to some thing which is going on in our section, everyone is so excited... at times I feel what childish things we are doing... but then isn't every single one of us want to be a child again.... and thats the beauty of this place... You live a whole life here... you feel great, you feel worse, you make friends, you enjoy with them, you do things you cant even think that you could do something that foolish or you would do something even professors would get amazed... you laugh and you would always have 32 grinning teeth giving you a company, you cry and you would always have a shoulder to cry on, you fall and you will always have two hands to hold you... all at the same place.... amazing...

and most of all, you would always get someone to talk with on different things you want to talk about... you want to talk crap, you would get one, you want to be little philosophical and you would get people who could beat Socrates, just few centuries advanced, you want to listen ghazals, you would get the whole collection, or may be you are rock n roll fan and whoa, you never knew, 'this guy' was living Elvis Presley.... amazing...

It surprises me, how just being a student can change you so much about how you look at life again.... doesn't matter at what stage of life you are.... amazing... isn't it?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Even This Shall Pass Away

Once in Persia reigned a King
Who upon his signet ring
Graved a maxim true and wise,
Which, if held before the eyes,
Gave him counsel at a glance,
Fit for every change and chance.
Solemn words, and these are they:
"Even this shall pass away."

Trains of camels through the sand
Brought his gems from Samarcand;
Fleets of galleys through the seas
Brought him pearls to match with these.
But he counted not his gain
Treasures of the mine or main;
"What is wealth?" the king would say;
"Even this shall pass away."

In the revels of his court
At the zenith of the sport,
When the palms of all his guests
Burned with clapping at his jests;
He amid his figs and wine,
Cried: "Oh loving friends of mine!
Pleasure comes but not to stay;
Even this shall pass away."

Fighting on a furious field,
Once a javelin pierced his shield;
Soldiers with a loud lament
Bore him bleeding to his tent;
Groaning from his tortured side,
"Pain is hard to bear," he cried,
"But with patience, day by day,
Even this shall pass away."

Towering in the public square,
Twenty cubits in the air,
Rose his statue, carved in stone,
Then, the king, disguised, unknown,
Stood before his sculptured name
Musing meekly, "What is fame?
Fame is but a slow decay
Even this shall pass away."

Struck with palsy, sere and old,
Waiting at the gates of gold,
Said he with his dying breath;
"Life is done, but what is death?"
Then, in answer to the King,
Fell a sunbeam on his ring,
Showing by a heavenly ray,
"Even this shall pass away."

Theodore Tilton

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Phew, after a long long long time since I last scribbled something.... But these kind of things happen when you think that you are not alone, you have friends to share your happiness with, you have friends to share your sorrows with, you have friends to.... and I too am no different... but what brings me here not lack of friends, but lack of friends whom I thought were my friends... well... difficult to comprehend, may be, because I can't elaborate.... but yes, the fact is that for a person who holds a friend at the highest place in his life, life has never been fair... always the person who reaches the zenith of the ladder, disappoints me the most... don't know why? I don't know either whether this happens with me only or everyone is victim of this, may be my friends too... may be... see, even now i can't find any fault in them... and someone gonna kill me for that... :)

Those who have ever taken the pain to read through my blog, would think that I always write something when I feel low, and talk about how people are so selfish and all... but you know, I never, never think that anyone is selfish.... I always try to find some reason for their behaviour.... but alas, even after all my reasons, all my possiblities, which even they could not think of in their defence, I do one day succumb to reality.... that I mean nothing to those who mean world to me... or may be who meant world to me.....

May be, someday they would, but I don't want that day to come.... I can't keep on forgiving and forgetting... How long would I? How long? I just hope that they never realize what they have done and let live in illusion that they got rid of a bad friend... I am happy, more than happy... atleast that would give me some happiness that I could keep my friends better off even at my loss... god bless...

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Its almost 3 AM and I dont know what made me to come here and scribble something, anything. But I just want to write so those of you who are reading it, you have choice to leave it right here. Sorry !!! For me life has been like a roller-coaster ride but most of the times its going downwards only. And when I feel on top of the world someone just pushes me down. Most of the times its me doing the dirty work myself :P... but anyway thats not the point. The point is once in my life I feel that I have done the right thing but still when I look around me, my heart sinks. Dont know why but it does, terrible feeling I must say. Can't get into the details though but when I sit and look back, I find I have lost more, much more than what I have found. There are times in life when you know what you want, and most of the times you are wrong and by the time the truth comes glaring at you, its too late.

rest later, got Barca Vs Real madrid.... 12 mins in to the match, 3 goals already... got to watch it, i think i need something to distract me, what better than a football match like this:))))

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blood Bath

As I start to pen down my thoughts, I remember "Black Friday" I saw last friday and news of blasts in Samjhauta Express. Wat an irony, a day when we say "Shukra hai shukrawar hai" and a train called "Samjhauta Express".

First about the movie. Black Friday is a movie which hits you hard on your face, like it or not. It poses a question, why are we like this? Are we really civilized what we claim to be. Even stone age people did not KILL each other. Have we really progressed or we are just prisoners of thought process forced upon us by fanatics. Why there was a need to shred a mosque into pieces to show your faith? Why there was a need to kill innocent people to show your strength? And why there was a need to blast away a city to show your anger? When I look back at my childhood, I realize that you can make a child think the way you want to. I also used to shout Jai Shree Ram when I was hardly 11 years old. Did I really know who Ram was other than what I had seen in Ramayana, the serial. I don't think so. But then why I was like that. I think because I was what I was made to be. But atleast now I have come to terms with reality. No Ram or Raheem or Guru Nanak or Christ teached to kill people for faith, for religion or for any thing. They died telling us that we are all equal and see what has world come to. And still it claims to be a Carya Sevak or Jehadi. Falacy. Why people don't understand that a life has more worth than anything in world. You can get anything & everything back but a life. The movie made a big impression on my mind because it was a movie where for the first time I saw people glued to their seats even when credential had started on screen. But how much we carry home from there. Just few words of appreciation for Director and start looking forward to next good movie.

Now the blasts. This isnt the first time it had happened in so called civilized soiety. I don't know what makes people think that killing men, women, children, dreams, ambitions, sorrows, happiness, relations, society, humanity can make the society the way they want it to be. I really feel numb at times that wether there is any assurance that I would be alive tomorrow or not. Wether I would be able to listen to voices I everyday crave for. Because I just dont know what is going to happen tomorrow. Which car, which scooter, which bike, which train, which plane, which home, which life is gonna blown away into pieces. Life has become so dreadful, so uncertain, so shrewed. Did we dream of such a life. Does anyone dream of such a life. We run, we work, we sweat, we manipulate, we love, we care, we feel, we manage for what, an uncertain life. Isn't nature enough to punish us for our wrong doings. We talk about spirit of city which recovers fast from adversities or shall I say that we have become indifferent unless its us who suffer.

I always believe you need not wait for one big happiness to come along your way to be happy, you can be happy for small small things. You can be happy for a smile on the faces of your dear ones, you can be happy for the first words coming out of a child's mouth, you can be happy for a friend's call, you can be happy for anything and everything. But some people just can't see people happy. And we become puppets in their hands. What we need is not hanging people but killing the mentality which makes them believe that what they are doing is the correct way of doing things.

And as I pen down my thoughts, my heart weeps for every life these blasts take, every smile they wipe out of faces, every dream they shatter, every heart they broke. And I feel broken.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I don't know why but there seem to be little in my life which is good. I always feel like I have found something but that turns out to be a mirage only.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What is life? I would always ask this question to myself and would find a completely different answer. May be Life is about love or may be life is about realtionships or may be life is about people, or may be life is about success, or may be life is about money or...... hundreds of answers but none satisfying my thirst for the answer.

Or amy be its the combination of all but then the question comes, what comes first? What you can't live without and what doesn't matter to you. I think it varies from person to person. you would think, what the heck, everyone knows this. Yes, everyone does know this but how many of them realize this that at one point or another they think alike. They miss people they loved the most and dont have anymore. And they regret why they didn't realize then. Why? Why something else was more important? Why?

But answers elude them. As it has eluded me. I am confused. I dont know what is important what is not. What I shall try to hold on to and what I shall let go. And this confusion has made me like a child which clinches everything so hard that his fingers starts hurting. I am trying to hold everything I can despite knowing that this is not the way. This is not the correct way. I am not able to anticipate where to draw the line. Or may be I am not able to see is there any line at all to be drawn.

Whatever it may be, question still remains, what is more important to me?
What is more important to me, right now?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I wish...

When I was a small little boy,
I seem to know only one word, why,
Why Sun rises in the east,
Why on festivals, we have feast,
Why children have to go to school,
Why summer is hot, why winter is cool,
Where people go when they die,
why birds fly & I can not fly,
Why food tastes good when it is hot,
Question on which no one will spare a thought,
But children are so innocent, so sweet,
They have logics which we can't beat,
That is why I want to be a child again,
So that my thoughts can be wild again,
I can run on the grass & catch the moon,
But we grow old, so soon, so soon,

Saturday, November 25, 2006 I?

Who am I…. What am I… I am tired of my self… completely tired… I don’t know what I want… or may be I never knew that… why I always try to be good…. Why I always try to keep every one…... why I cant let go… go and do what you want.. out of my life… I want to be alone… always… I m tired of people….. and hypocrisy… why I run from loneliness… when no body has any thing to offer to me…. In fact, do I have anything to offer… other than my silly talks….. useless laughter… shit pjs…. And loads of immature senti stuff… I don’t even know what people think of me…. May be a joker… who never has pain… no desires…. no ambitions…. Nothing…. Just laughs, in hope that world will laugh with him… world does but they forget as soon as he gets out of sight… no one cares about me… no one, the way I want…. no one cares for my feelings, emotions…. Everyone is busy with his/her life… infact why anyone should worry about me…. But then why I cant stop worrying about others… why why why why…. Why I cant be selfish… why I cant start thinking abt myself, MY feelings, MY life, MY desires, MY dreams, MY happiness…. WHY… WHY… WHY… WHY